Introduction of 111 Program for Discipline Innovation of Hydrological and Ecological Environment and Water Safety in Acrid and Semi-Acrid Regions
2014-11-24 09:53  

Jointly organized by Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, 111 Project us is also called Talent Introduction Plan for Discipline Innovation of Higher Institutions. Its aim lies in introducing more than 1,000 internationally well-known scholars from higher institutions or research institutes which rank among the top 100 in the world, together with excellent researchers at home, to form a high-level research team, constructing about 100 world first-class national bases for discipline innovation, creating research achievements with international influence, and improving the universities’ comprehensive ability and international status.

As National 111 Project of the year 2008, Chang’an University’s 111 Program for Hydrological and Ecological Environment and Water Safety in Acrid and Semi-Acrid Regions is sponsored by the university and hosted by Professor Li Peicheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Acrid and semi-acrid regions occupy about 35% of the world’s land area and the number in China is about 50%. These regions own ample land and sunshine, rich mineral and energy resources, and are important space for the future development of relevant countries. The main limits of exploring the regions are lack of water and harsh hydro-ecological environment. Therefore, starting international research collaboration and putting emphasis on introducing foreign talent are of great theoretical and practical significance in hydrological and ecological environment, water safety and harmonious water use with neighbor countries.

This program is organized by Research Institute of Water and Development, taking Northwest China as the standing point, it emphasizes on central Asian regions including Xinjiang and widely scans worldwide acrid and semi-acrid regions. Actively starting technological collaboration with countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, this program provides theoretical foundation and technological support for solving the water resource and environmental problems of countries in acrid and semi-acrid regions to keep water safety and harmony between water and human.

Rich achievements have been obtained since the implement of the program, and the research content and definition of hydro-ecology have been scientifically defined. The program has introduced 18 scholars and the dispatched researchers together with jointly-nurtured talents amounts to more than 20. The number of scientific programs of provincial level and above around the subject of hydrological and ecological environment and water safety is 21. Two research-industry bases are constructed and more than 200 scientific papers and dozens of works have been published. Scholars and members of 111 Program have applied the achievements into teaching and research.

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