Introduction of 111Project on Information of Vehicle-Infrastructure Sensing and ITS
2014-11-24 09:55  

Based on the national key discipline “Traffic Information Engineering and Control” of Chang’an University and the scientific innovation team of “Multi-source Heterogeneous Traffic Information Intelligence Detection and Fusion Technology” of Ministry of Education, 111Project on Information of Vehicle-Infrastructure Sensing and ITS introduces world first class research team to cooperate and aims at core technology of “Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative System Based on Car Networking” to meet the crucial demands of national road transportation industry in order to provide theoretical basis and practical support for the development of national car networking and cooperative intelligent transportation system. The main research fields include tesffic information sensing and fusion technology, vehicle-infrastructure cooperative communication and networking technology, and ttraffic system modeling and emulation technology.

111 Project base possesses first class research environment and experiment conditions on the foundation of Chang’an University’s two national key disciplines: “Traffic Information Engineering and Control” and “Traffic Transportation Planning and Management”, and three research centers namely “National Engineering Laboratory of Road Maintenance Technology and Equipment Testing”, “Key Laboratory of Vehicle Transportation Security Technology” and Research Center of Road Transportation Intelligent Detection and Equipment Engineering of Shaanxi Province”.

Till now, five research platforms have been completed to provide favorable experiment environment and technique support for the development of the project, namely “Comprehensive Traffic Information Processing and Sharing Platform”, “Intelligent Vehicle-Mounted Testing Technology Platform”, “Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Testing Platform Based on 4G-LTE”, “Road Traffic Emulation Technology Platform Based on Virtual Reality”, and “Intelligent Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Semi-Physical Emulation Platform”.

In recent years, national research members together with international experts Professor M.Mcdonald, Professor C.Richard.Liu, Professor Weixing Wang and Professor Pramod Vashny have carried out 10 research projects, jointly-published more than 70 academic papers, and applied for 7 patents together.


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