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Chang'an University and the EPITA School Of Engineering & Computer Science Held a Video Conference on Sino-foreign Cooperative Schooling
2021-11-25 13:52  

On the afternoon of November 24, 2021,Chang'an University and the EPITA School Of Engineering & Computer Science (EPITA) held a video conference on Sino-foreign cooperative schooling. Jiang Zaiwen, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of CHD, and Rabih Haddad, International Director of the (EPITA) attended the meeting.

Jiang Zaiwen introduced the basic situation of CHD and the current situation of internationalization work. He said that the joint application of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects with French universities can further enrich the cooperative education system of both sides and promote the joint training of deep-level talents between the two universities. He hoped to cooperate with the French side, make every effort to promote the work of Sino-foreign cooperative education, and promote the application of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects as soon as possible according to the relevant policy requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Rabih Haddad firstly introduced the basic information of (EPITA), saying that (EPITA) is the top ranking university in France in the field of computer technology and has been the leader in information and media technology, which is widely recognized in the international information intelligence field. He said that the university will cooperate with CHD to actively promote the declaration of Sino-foreign cooperation projects and strive for an early breakthrough in Sino-foreign cooperation, which will provide more opportunities for the two universities to carry out broad and deep cooperation.

The two sides discussed in detail about the background, feasibility, application plan, application process and later operation conditions and guarantee measures of the new bid for Sino-foreign cooperative education project, and reached a preliminary consensus.

EPITA, with 6 campuses, is the top-ranked engineering school in France in the field of computer science and software engineering, offering bilingual education in English and French.

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