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CHD Achievementselected for GEO National Report
2021-11-29 13:51  

From November 22-26, 2021, GEO 2021 Conference Week was held online, including the 17th Plenary Session, the 56th Executive Committee Meeting, the release of national reports, thematic workshops, side events, and online activities for industry.

The 17th Plenary Session, themed "Accelerating Action to Support the Global Agenda through Earth Observation," was held from November 23-26 from 7-9pm each evening. As an expert of GEO China, Prof. Li Zhenhong was invited to participate in the plenary session to discuss the GEO Open Knowledge Statement, expand participation in GEO and bridge the digital divide, focus on sustainable development, climate change, disaster prevention and mitigation, and resilient cities. GEO was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between GEO and the Global Observatory.

GEO was established in 2005 and is the largest, most authoritative and influential international intergovernmental organization in the field of Earth observation. Currently, GEO has 113 members (30 in Africa, 20 in the Americas, 22 in Asia and Oceania, 6 in CIS, and 35 in Europe), 135 participating organizations, and 16 affiliated organizations. China is one of the founding members and one of the four co-chair countries of GEO, and actively promotes the domestic strengths in the field of Earth observation to participate deeply in the work of GEO. While further improving China's Earth observation technology and application level through international exchange and cooperation, China also practices the concept and practice of Earth life community and human destiny community.

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