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The Sixth Symposium on Sino-foreign Cooperative Education successfully held in Shaanxi Province
2021-11-30 13:47  

On November 29, 2021, the 2021 Working Meeting of Shaanxi Higher Education Society Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Branch and the 6th Shaanxi Province Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Symposium, sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, co-organized by Shaanxi Higher Education Society Cooperative Education Branch and Chang'an University and supported by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Professional Committee, was held at Chang'an Dublin International collegeof Transportation(CDIC). With the theme of "New Connotation Construction and New Path Exploration of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education in the Post-Epidemic Era", the conference aimed to build a good platform for sharing the latest policies and experiences of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education in the post-epidemic era.


Mr. Liu Baoping, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Wang Jingyao, Deputy Director of International Department of Ministry of Education, Mr. Tang Zhenfu, Director of Academic Exchange and Research Department of China Education Association for International Exchange, Mr. Wang Junzhe, President of Shaanxi Higher Education Association, Mr. Sha Aimin, President of CHD, Mr. Andrew J. Deeks, President of  the University College DublinUCD, Mr. Zhao Xiangmo, Vice President of CHD, Mr. Yao Congli, Vice President of Shaanxi Higher Education Association.The conference was attended by 240 participants from more than 50 colleges and universities inside and outside the province, heads of Chinese-foreign cooperative institutions and programs, and experts from the expert committee of the Chinese-foreign Cooperative School Branch. The opening ceremony was hosted by Wen Tong, Director of Foreign Affairs Department of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education.


                                                                       Group photo at the venue


Liu Baoping pointed out that this conference is both a summary and a deployment, which is of great significance. Sino-foreign cooperative education plays an important role in the professional optimization, discipline construction and international talents training of universities. Each school should remember the original intention and mission of Chinese-foreign cooperative education, actively play the role of the platform of Chinese-foreign cooperative education, continuously explore the innovative path of Chinese-foreign cooperative education, and include Chinese-foreign cooperative education into the "Triple One" of the school for special research and deployment, and ensure that the quality of education and teaching of Chinese-foreign cooperative education will not be compromised in the post-epidemic era.

                          Speech by Liu Baoping


Sha Aimin introduced the situation and outstanding achievements of CHD in talent training, scientific research, international exchange and cooperation, and serving national major strategies. He fully affirmed the high quality of CDIC and its important role in promoting the internationalization of the university and the construction of "double first-class". He hoped that the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions could communicate deeply through this symposium, explore new paths of school operation in the post-epidemic era, and promote high-quality development of Sino-foreign cooperative education.

               Speech by Sha Aimin


Wang Jingyao fully affirmed the work of Chinese-foreign cooperative schools in Shaanxi and hoped that the schools would gather the common goal and concept of struggle, make clear the orientation, seize the historical opportunity and promote the high-quality development of Chinese-foreign cooperative schools. Tang Zhenfu analyzed the path of collaborative development of Sino-foreign cooperative schools in the post-epidemic era, focusing on building a high-level quality assurance system for Sino-foreign cooperative schools.

                    Speech by Wang Jing Yao


In his speech, Wang Junzhe analyzed the new opportunities and current problems faced by Sino-foreign cooperative schools and pointed out the future development direction of the chapter. He emphasized that in the future work of Sino-foreign cooperative schools, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the party construction and theoretical innovation, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of Sino-foreign cooperative schools, and jointly promote the cause of Sino-foreign cooperative schools in various schools in Shaanxi Province to a new level.

                         Speech by Wang Junzhe


Andrew J. Deeks expressed his congratulations on this annual meeting and thanked the Department of Education of Shaanxi Province for supporting the establishment of CDIC, highlighting the history of cooperation between UCD and CHD and the concept of international talent training.

                        Speech by Andrew J. Deeks

                          Group photo of the leaders of the conference


The success of this annual meeting provides a platform for discussing, building and sharing for the high-quality development of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in Shaanxi, provides policy guidance and theoretical support for the standardized, healthy, orderly and sustainable development of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in each school, and plays an important guiding role in promoting the quality and efficiency of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in Shaanxi Province in the post-epidemic era, innovation and development, and boosts the construction of "double first-class".


The Shaanxi Higher Education Association (SHEA) was established in December 2017 under the guidance and supervision of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Higher Education Association, with the spirit of "19th National Congress" and the spirit of the National Education Conference as its guide, based on the national and provincial conditions, adhering to the principle of combining Chinese roots with Chinese and foreign connections. It is an important research institution that advocates its members to carry forward the traditional advantages of education in China, absorb the advanced overseas experience in school running and promote the connotative development of education in our province, which is of great significance to how to promote the expansion of education opening, improve the quality of education research and promote the construction of "double first-class" universities in the new development period. It is also an important research and communication platform to explore how to "catch up and surpass" and "improve the quality and efficiency" of Sino-foreign cooperative education in our province.

                                                                    Group photo of all members


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