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CDIC Joint Management Committee successfully held The 2021 Annual Meeting on December 8
2021-12-10 13:24  

On December 8, 2021, the Joint Management Committee (JMC) of Chang'an Dublin International collegeofTransportation(CDIC) held its 2021 annual meeting in CDIC. President of CHD and Director of JMC, Mr. Sha Aimin, Vice President of Chang'an University, Mr. Zhao Xiangmo, the main officials of Academic Affairs Office,International Cooperation Office,Planning and Finance Office,CDIC, President of the University College DublinUCDand Deputy Director of the JMC, Mr. Andrew J. Deeks, Vice President of UCD, Mr. Dolores O'Riordan, Provost of CDIC Paul Fanning, Head of Finance and Faculty of Engineering of UCD attended this meeting. The meeting was conducted by online video and was co-chaired by Aymin Sha and Andrew J. Deeks.


On behalf of CHD, Mr. Sha firstly welcomed all the members to the meeting and expressed his sincere gratitude to the hard-working faculty and staff of both universities. He introduced the situation and outstanding achievements of CDIC in education philosophy, training mode, teaching methods, international exchange and cooperation over the past year, and fully affirmed the high quality of CDIC and the key role of the joint management committee for the high quality development of the college. At the same time, he pointed out the new opportunities and challenges of Sino-foreign cooperative education in the post-epidemic era. He hoped that through this meeting, we could have in-depth communication, gather consensus and power, strengthen the cooperation between the two schools in talent training and scientific research, promote the mutual learning and appreciation of high-quality education resources, further improve the level of CDIC, and strive to become a first-class Sino-foreign cooperative education institution with the characteristics of both schools.

             President of CHD and Director of JMC Sha Aimin Moderating the meeting and Delivered a Speech

Andrew J. Deeks said in his speech that CHD has always been an important partner of UCD, and the two universities have a long history of cooperation. He said that in the current epidemic situation, the two universities have been strengthening communication, actively responding to changes, adapting to the environment, overcoming difficulties, actively making breakthroughs in faculty, enrollment, teaching mode, research innovation and other aspects, adhering to the original intention of high-quality cooperative education, and jointly helping to build a "resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and common improvement We are committed to the original goal of high-quality cooperative education, and will work together to build a high-quality cooperative education model of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and improvement".

Andrew J. Deeks, President of UCD and Deputy Director of the JMC, co-chairs the meeting and delivers a speech


CDIC President Hai-Nian Wang and Provost Paul Fanning jointly reported to the JMC on the work of CDIC in 2021.

                              Wang Hai-Nian, President of CDIC presented the College's Annual Report 2021

                             Paul Fanning, Provost of CDIC, gave the College's 2021 Annual Report


All members of the JMC expressed their satisfaction and recognition of the content of the annual report. Both members agreed that CDIC has made constructive progress in all its work in 2021, obtained milestones and achieved remarkable results, and the development of the college has become more and more perfect, with unique characteristics in talent training, education mode and education concept. The joint management committee reviewed and approved the work report, financial report and supplementary regulations of the academic registration of CDIC, and discussed and reached a number of consensus on the issues of upgrading the level of operation of the college, developing cooperation in scientific research, promoting teacher exchange and student exchange.

Sha Aimin and Andrew J.Deeks fully affirmed the achievements of CDIC in the past year and the successful exploration of the college in talent training, teaching and research, student exchange, etc. They hoped that the two schools would continue to innovate and deepen practical cooperation, maintain high quality education and teaching level, and cultivate more high-level "New Engineering + Big Transportation + Internationalization" students. +I hope the two schools will continue to innovate and deepen practical cooperation, maintain high quality education and teaching level, cultivate more high-level "new engineering", "big traffic + internationalization" composite talents, and continue to write a more colorful chapter of international cooperation.

 CDIC is a non-independent legal person Sino-foreign cooperative institution organized by our university and UCD. According to the "Implementation Measures of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Sino-foreign Cooperation" and the relevant agreements between the two universities on Sino-foreign Cooperation, CHD and the UCD jointly established the "JMC of CDIC", which shall hold regular working meetings to guide and supervise the implementation of the medium and long-term strategic planning of the college, formulate annual The JMC is required to hold regular working meetings to guide and supervise the implementation of the College's medium and long-term strategic plan, formulate annual work plan and budget, issue annual work report, and discuss key issues such as Sino-foreign cooperation. This meeting is important to evaluate the operation of the College and ensure the quality development of the College.

                       Group photo of all participants

Through this meeting, the two schools further deepen the content of cooperation, expand the field of cooperation, and enrich the connotation of cooperation, and at the same time, in view of the new problems in the development of the college, the two sides strengthen communication and coordination, actively cooperate and cooperate, so as to provide strong support and guarantee for the comprehensive promotion of the work of cooperative schooling. The college will take this meeting as an opportunity to take the foundation of moral education, the core of characteristic schooling, the main line of connotation development, and the comprehensive reform as the driving force, and strive to improve the strength and core competitiveness of the school, so as to make positive contributions to the construction of "double first-class" and internationalization of the university.



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