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The Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Held the 4th Orientation Lecture
2021-10-27 16:25  

In the afternoon of October27, the4thOrientation Lecture for Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan(H&M&T) in 2021 was held in the first meeting room on the second floor of the Student-Staff Service Hall of Weishui Campus. Deputy Director Li Yuanchun of the Office of Academic Affairs gave a lectureentitled "From Admission to Graduation - Interpretation of Teaching and Learning Management Documents for University Advancement", which was attended by all (H&M&T) students as well as those in charge of the (H&M&T) Affairs Office.


Deputy Director Li Yinchun first introduced the professional training program to the(H&M&T)students, focusing on issues and policies such as credit setting and course structure. At the same time, she explained the management of academic registry, examinations, grade records, retake and make-up examinations and deferment system of new students, and introduced the conditions of bachelor's degree conferring for undergraduates. She emphasized that students should understand the conditions of degree conferring from their freshman year and have a fuller understanding and ideological preparation for their study career. Finally, Vice Director Li Yunchun listened carefully to the academic problems of each(H&M&T)student and said he would try his best to provide corresponding help.


The event was one of a series of activities organized by the Office of (H&M&T)Affairs for the orientation of (H&M&T) students. The activity aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and continuously promote educational and cultural exchanges between teachers and students from (H&M&T) and those from mainland universities.

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