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The Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Held the 3rd Orientation Lecture
2021-10-13 16:40  

In the afternoon of October 13, the 3rd Orientation Lecture for Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan(H&M&T)in 2021 was held in the first meeting room on the second floor of the Student-Staff Service Hall of Weishui Campus. Ding Jing, Associate Professor of Chang'an University College of Humanities, gave a lecture entitled "The Artistic Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Music". Some students from(H&M&T)attended the lecture.


Associate Professor Ding Jing used classic music such as "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yintai" and "General Order" as an introduction. By comparing with Western music, the pronunciation of "yin and yang" in Chinese characters and the structure of compositions, Associate Professor Ding Jing introduced what traditional Chinese music is and its characteristics of focusing on the beauty and constancy of the main melody. Thenled the students to read aloud the famous lines from Henan opera and Qin cadence in local dialects. He also led the students to read out the famous lines from Henan opera and Qin cantata in local dialects, which made the lecture both in-depth andfull offun.


Finally, Associate Professor Ding Jing introduced the characteristics of ancient music scores and the origin of traditional Chinese music.Thenexplained the contemporary development and status of traditional music, emphasized the inheritance, development and protection oftraditionalmusic. And exchanged ideas with(H&M&T)students.


The event was one of a series of activities organized by the Office of (H&M&T) Affairs for the orientation of(H&M&T)students. The activity aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and continuously promote educational and cultural exchanges between teachers and students from(H&M&T)and those from mainland universities.

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