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CHD President Sha Aimin Attended the 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference
2021-10-15 09:14  

On October 14, the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference was held in Beijing. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference and delivered a keynote speech titled "Staying Connected with the World and Abreast with the Times, and Making Big Strides on the Path of Sustainable Development" via video conference.Emphasizing uphold the following elements: open interplay and enhance connectivity, common development and promote fairness and inclusiveness, an innovation-driven approach and create more drivers for development, ecological conservation as a priority and pursue green and low-carbon development,multilateralism and improve global governance. Advancing global transport cooperation, and write a new chapter featuring connectivity of infrastructure, unfettered flows of trade and investment, and interactions between civilizations.



The Conference is hosted by the United Nations and co-organized by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the Beijing Municipal People's Government. The theme of the conference is "Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Development". Focusing on nine issues, including sustainable transport and poverty alleviation, people's livelihood, international connectivity cooperation, green development, regional development, innovation development, safe development, sustainable cities, and government governance, etc.And include appropriate additional content on the important role of ensuring smooth international transport to promote global economic recovery. The Conference will include an opening and closing session, a plenary session, a meeting of the General Assembly, and a plenary session. The conference includes opening and closing ceremonies, plenary sessions, thematic sessions, ministerial forum, science and technology innovation forum, entrepreneurial forum and other activities.


President Sha Aimin was invited to participate in the opening ceremony and plenary session of the 2nd United Nations Global Conference on Sustainable Transport. Vice President Wang Jianwei attended the theme session, Science and Technology Innovation Forum and other activities.

President Sha Aimin attended the conference


Over the past 70 years since its establishment, Chang'an University has delivered more than 200,000 professional technical and management talents to the transportation industry; built a grown-up model of road and transportation talents training; shaped a grown-up brand of road and transportation talents training; formed a grown-up phenomenon of road and transportation talents training. The school adheres to four directions:roots in the westandfocuses on the basic theory research, key technology research and special material development of green transportation in the west with fragile ecology, sensitive environment and harsh climate, forms a series of technology patents and standards, and supports the sustainable development of transportation planning, construction, management and maintenance with talents and technology. To promote the 2030 sustainable development agenda, Chang'an University will deeply study and implement the spirit of the speech ofPresident Xi Jinping at the second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference. Giving full play to its disciplinary and professional advantages, aim at the goals of the 2030 sustainable development agenda. Participating deeply in all aspects, deliver ideas, talents, technologies, courses, experiences and opportunities. Contributing the national road network access depth construction, major disaster prevention. CHD will focus on make important contributions to the development of the four networks of transportation infrastructure, passenger and cargo flow transportation, information and energy integration.

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