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Foreign Expert Professor Jang Jong Hag Awarded Sanqin Friendship Award of 2014 by Shaanxi Provincial Government
2014-11-24 09:47  

In order to commend the outstanding contribution of foreign experts to the economic construction and society development to Shaanxi Province, through the recommendation of Chang’an University and appraisal of Sanqin Friendship Award assessment committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government decides to award Korean professor Jang Jong Hag with Sanqin Friendship Award of 2014. In the year 2014, only 11 foreign experts working in Shaanxi get this award. This is also the second time of Chang’an University’s foreign experts getting this award for two consecutive years since 2013.

Professor Jang Jong Hag taught in Temple University, and has been the professor in School of Economics and Management since September 2008. During his employment, besides supervising postgraduate students, he also taught courses od International Finance, Risk Management, and Financial Analysis to undergraduate and postgraduate students. In spare time, Professor Jang Jong Hag has been devoted to promoting the collaboration between Chang’an University and Korean higher education institutions. By now, more than 10 universities and research institutes have built up cooperation relationship between Chang’an University through his help. In the meantime, ha has made outstanding contribution to promoting the cultural exchange and economic cooperation between Shaanxi Province and various regions of Korea.

Sanqin Friendship Award was set as the highest award to commend the foreign experts working in Shaanxi Province for their outstanding contribution to economy and society in order to improve the exchange and cooperation between Shaanxi Province and foreign countries in economy, technology, culture, education and health care.

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