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Delegation from University of Texas at San Antonio Visited Chang’an University
2014-11-24 09:40  

On Oct. 9th 2014, Vice President and Provost John Frederick and the delegation of University of Texas at San Antonio visited Chang’an University on invitation. Chairman Du Xiangmin and President Ma Jian had a meeting with the honorable guests respectively.

On the morning of Oct.9th, President Ma Jian had a meeting with Dr. John Frederick and the delegation in Guest Hall of Academic Exchange Center. President Ma Jian gave an introduction of the various campuses and the construction of the new Weishui campus, with the emphasis on Chang’an University’s internationalization strategy. He points out that Chang’an University pays a great deal of attention to the development of internationalization, and nowadays it is actively expanding the depth of international cooperation and exchange, in order to build up a new stage of all-round international collaboration. President Ma Jian says that Chang’an University and University of Texas at San Antonio have similar objectives in the development of internationalization, and he believes that through the cooperation and exchange between the two universities, both parties can learn from it the successful experiences and he welcomes more faculty and students of University of Texas at San Antonio coming to visit Chang’an University.

Doctor John Fredric gave a brief introduction of University of Texas at San Antonio and the development these years. He was quite impressed by Chang’an University’s distinctive vocational feature, promising development future and beautiful campuses and happy that this is his second visit. Both parties considered that the programs setting are similar between two universities and has broad space for cooperation and Doctor John Fredric hopes that the two universities could push forward the collaboration and learn from each other’s successful experiences. The all-round cooperation will improve the development of both universities.

In the afternoon of Oct.9th, the experience exchange meeting was held in the fifth meeting room of Academic Exchange Center. Chairman Du Xiangmin attended the meeting. Deans and directors of schools and major departments participated. Professor He Shuanhai, assistant to President, hosted the meeting.

Dr John Frederic started the meeting with a lecture sharing his experiences through the higher education management work and put up three points: education is the foundation of university, and decisions must be made considering which is the most advantageous to students; middle-level administrators should actively provide different opinions to superiors as well as respecting their decisions; communication should be paid more attention in order to confirm the accurate access of information. Deans and directors of various schools and departments had a lively discussion with Doctor. John Fredric about discipline setting and construction, appraisal of scientific disciplines and social sciences, distribution and use of scientific fund together with system building and operation of logistical support.

Chairman Du Xiangmin points out that Doctor John Fredric’s visit brings a great opportunity for Chang’an University to learn developed experiences of foreign higher education institutes, and the introduction of his own thoughts and experiences of education management is of great significance to us.

Doctor John Fredrick and delegates visited sand table and key laboratories of School of Highway and School of Information Engineering.

Doctor John Fredrick got his Bachelor degree in major of chemistry in Princeton University, Maser degree and PhD in Harvard University. He has been the Vice President and Provost of University of Texas at San Antonio since the year 2008.


Chairman Du Xiangmin Discussing with Dr. John Frederick

President Ma Jian Meeting with Dr. John Frederick

Experience Exchange Meeting

Visiting Sand Table

Visiting Laboratory of School of Information Engeering


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