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· Professor Ramayya Krishnan, dean of H. John Heina College of Carnegie Mellon University, visited Chang’an University 2017/06/09 

· Li Liangjian, Vice President of I-Shou University, visited Chang'an university 2017/06/08 

· Prof. Alex Visser Was Invited to Visit Chang’an University 2017/06/05 

· Professor Markus Oeser, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Was Invited to Visit Chang’ an University 2017/05/26 

· Professor Ian Rowlands, Vice President of University of Waterloo, visited Chang'an University 2017/05/25 

· The Chairman of International Association of Asphalt Pavements was Invited to Visit Chang’ an University 2017/05/19 

· The Fourth Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival 2017/04/20 

· The Inter-school Cooperation Agreements with Three Universities 2017/04/12 

· A Joint Student Training Agreement Signed 2017/04/02 

· University of Dublin, Ireland, Was Invited to Visit Chang’an University 2017/03/24 
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