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· The Opening Ceremony of The "China-Africa Transport Strategy Research Institute" Was Held In Our University 2016/07/19 

· Professor Wang Xuance of University of Curtin, Australia Visited Chang’ an University 2016/07/10 

· The Office of International Cooperation And Exchanges Convene A Briefing On Foreign Affairs Cum Foreign Affairs Work Promotion Conference of College And Department 2016/07/09 

· Chang’an University signed Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Oxford Brookes University 2016/07/06 

· President Ma Jian Paid Visit to Two Universities in Finland and Italy 2016/06/24 

· The Delegation Led By Vice President Zheng Fangxuan of Chung Hua University Were Invited To Visit Chang’ an University 2016/06/15 

· One Delegation Led by Professor Theuns Henning, Director of Transportation Research Center, University of Auckland of New Zealand Visited Chang’an University 2016/06/10 

· One Delegation Led By Prof. Jose Balbo Were Invited To Visit Chang’ an University 2016/06/07 

· President Ma Jian was invited to the Chinese and Indian University Presidents Roundtable Conference 2016/06/06 

· Professor Robert F. Cox, the Deputy Dean of Institute of Technology of Purdue University Visited Chang'an University 2016/05/23 
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