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The Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Held the 1st Orientation Lecture
2021-09-22 17:22  

In the afternoon of September 22, the1stOrientation Lecture for Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan(H&M&T)in 2021was held in the first meeting room on the second floor of the Student and Faculty Service Hall of Weishui Campus. Associate Professor Yue Hongji delivered a lecture titled "The Role and Influence of Wei Bie in the History of Chinese Calligraphy", which was attended by all students from(H&M&T)and the relevant officials of the(H&M&T)Affairs Office.


Associate Professor Yue Hongji presented his first-hand knowledge of the calligraphy of the Northern Dynasty statue inscriptions, which he had studied for more than ten years.He considered Wei Tablet to be a style of calligraphy, not asystemof calligraphy.Which isa dynastic style and concept of calligraphy, and a fusion of calligraphy.The calligraphic style of “Wei Tablet”reveals the tension of national culture and the process of cultural change, reflecting a spirit of cultural pluralism and tolerance. Although calligraphy is a small path, it is the soul of the nation. In the late Qing Dynasty, Yang Shoujing brought some of theWei Tablettoppings to Japan, which had a transformative effect on the Japanese calligraphy community and created the "phenomenonofYang Shoujing" in Japan.


The lecture by Associate Professor Yue Hongji gave the students a better understanding of the "Wei Tablet" and the charm and shock of traditional culture in a relaxed atmosphere. The lecture not only enhanced the understanding and knowledge of the outstanding Chinese traditional culture of(H&M&T)students, but also broadened their horizons, and enhanced their adaptation to the new campus learning and living environment.


The event was one of a series of activities organized by the Office of(H&M&T)Affairs for the orientation of(H&M&T)students. The activity aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and continuously promote educational and cultural exchanges between teachers and students from(H&M&T)and those from mainland universities.

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