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The Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Held the 2nd Orientation Lecture
2021-09-29 17:04  

In the afternoon of September 29, the2ndOrientation Lecture for Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan(H&M&T)in 2021was held in the first meeting room on the second floor of the Student and Faculty Service Hall of Weishui Campus. ZhuXianqian, deputy director of the Center for Creative Thinking of the Department of Academic Affairs ofCHD, gave a lecture entitled "Four Keys to the Growth of(H&M&T)Students Studying in the Mainland", and all(H&M&T)students of the University attended the lecture.


ZhuXianqian explainedhow to get through college in a colorful way from four dimensions:growth awareness, growth concept, growth enhancement and growth result. He pointed out that college students should first establish a sense of autonomy and self-awareness. And make full use of the platform created by the university to create favorable conditions for life planning and development. He also introduced many channels to serve students, such as the Faculty and Student Affairs Service Hall, Rainbow Station Counseling and Student Community Management Center. At the same time, he encouraged everyone to focus not only on their academic work, but also to take the initiative to participate in the second classroom and actively participate in various competitions to enrich themselves.


The event was one of a series of activities organized by the Office of(H&M&T)Affairs for the orientation of(H&M&T)students. The activity aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and continuously promote educational and cultural exchanges between teachers and students from(H&M&T)and those from mainland universities.

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