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Professor Hong Yang, Vice President of Bryant University, Visited CHD
2019-12-25 09:56  

On December 24th, Professor Hong Yang, vice president of Bryant University visited Chang’an University. Responsible people of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and School of Earth Science and Land Resources met with Professor Hong Yang.


Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Jiang Zaiwen extended warm welcome toward professor Hong Yang gave the guest detailed introduction to the basic situation of CHD in the aspects of mutual visits of teachers, joint cultivation of students, cooperative scientific research and cooperative education. He pointed out that in recent years, CHD has taken the initiative in aligning with the major national strategies, given full play to the advantages of disciplines and built a large platform, revolved around the “double first class” construction, constructed a great structure of foreign affairs which had generated great achievements, and made remarkable progress in internationalization. He said that the cooperation between the two schools has a long history and extensive cooperation has been carried out in the forms of mutual visits of teachers, student exchanges and cooperative scientific research. He hoped that during Professor Hong Yang’s visit the both sides could focus on the joint cultivation of students and further promote the cooperation between the two universities in more fields and at a deeper level.


Vice President Hong Yang expressed his thanks for the warm reception and highly agreed with director Jiang’s proposal for cooperation. He briefly introduced the recent development of Bryant University, focusing on the basic situation of international cooperation and exchanges. He said that through long-term friendly exchanges, he had full appreciated that Chang’an University is a high-level university with rich cultural foundation, outstanding characteristic disciplines and strong educational strength and that Bryant University highly values its cooperation with Chang’ an University.


He pointed out that the purpose of the visit is to promote the cooperation between the two universities in geology-related majors, including 3+1+1 undergraduate and postgraduate programs and short-term student exchange programs.


He hoped to take the joint student cultivation as a driving force to promote the cooperation between the two universities in more fields and establish a closer and more stable cooperative relationship between the two universities.


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