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Professor William Buttlar of Columbia University, Missouri Visited CHD
2019-07-26 17:06  

From June 29th to July 1st, 2019, Professor William Buttlar of Columbia University in Missouri visited the Highway College and conducted a series of exchange activities with teachers and students of our school. On July 1, 2019, from 9:00 to 11:00 am. The first conference room on the third floor of the Highway College gave an academic report entitled "Recent Advances in Performance Testing of Asphalt Concrete". The report was hosted by Associate Professor Chen Yu. Many professors from the college and graduate students from related disciplines participated in this academic report.


First of all, Professor William Buttlar introduced the necessity and feasibility of improving asphalt concrete performance test in a simple way. He talked about the research progress of asphalt concrete performance test, and gave teachers and students a deeper understanding of asphalt concrete performance test. Subsequently, Professor William Buttlar described the advantages and disadvantages, adaptation conditions and practical applications of different asphalt concrete tests in combination with his own scientific research experience. In the interactive session, Professor William Buttlar answered the questions of teachers and students in detail and inspired the teachers and students.


In this academic report, Prof. William Buttlar conveyed the academic frontier dynamics and innovative academic ideas of asphalt concrete performance test through side-by-side citing, humorous and passionate speeches; Professor Buttlar has a clear pronunciation and a moderate speed for Chinese students to participate in the report. The teachers and students have benefited a lot.

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