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School of Highways of CHD Invites Professor Tobia Zordan to Teach English Courses for Students
2019-07-26 17:04  

Under the auspices of the Changan University Graduate Overseas Teacher Program, the College of Highways invited Professor Tobia Zordan to teach the Graduate Bridge Concept Design Course from June 10th to June 14th, 2019. The school time is five days. 20 class hours.


Prof. Tobia is from Venice, a city in northeastern Italy. He used his rich practical experience to introduce graduate students to many unique bridges in Italy and the world. By comparing the existing old bridges with new bridges, he provided different students. An ordinary perspective to understand some of the basic principles of bridge concept design and how to combine it with bridge aesthetics. At the same time, the professor also introduced the design concepts of other famous bridges and their designers in the world, helping students understand the starting point of the designer's design, and how to combine the unique design concept with the structural force in the design. At the same time, the professor also instructed the students to carry out their own curriculum design in the context of a proposed bridge project in Xi'an High-tech Zone.


At the end of the course, Prof. Tobia gave an academic exchange report entitled From bridge design to bridge construction and management: leading concepts for a living environment, focusing on some of the engineering examples that Professor Tobia was involved in, and also the maintenance of the bridge life cycle. The theme, using some typical examples of bridge collapse and damage, describes the importance of custody during bridge service. Luo Xiaoyu and Wang Wei from the Highway College participated in the report and exchanges.

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