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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottableb, professor of the University of Miami, visited CHD
2018-06-27 14:53  

On June 25, 2018, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottableb, professor of the School of Engineering of the University of Miami, visited our school. Director of International Affairs Jiang Zaiwen met with visitors.

Director Jiang extended a warm welcome to Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottableb's visit. He briefly introduced the basic situation of the university and the situation of foreign cooperation and exchange in recent years in terms of history, academic characteristics, and personnel training. He hoped that through the visit of Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottableb, he could deepen mutual understanding, carry out cooperation projects, extend the scope of cooperation to student exchanges and other more fields as soon as possible, and strive to promote the establishment of a comprehensive cooperation relationship between the two universities.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottableb expressed his sincere gratitude to the warm hospitality of the University and briefly introduced the basic situation of the University of Miami. He expressed that he very much agrees with director Jiang basic idea of the cooperation between the two universities. He is looking forward to cooperation from projects such as Chinese-foreign cooperation school. He hopes to establish a new entry by the“1+1+1”program and to build a comprehensive cooperative relationship with mutual visits by teachers, student exchanges, and cooperative research as soon as possible.

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