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Consul General of South Korean Consulate Lee Kangguo Visited Chang’an University
2018-05-29 10:26  

On March 23, 2018, Lee Kangguo, Consul General of the Korean Consulate in Xi’an, visited Chang’an University, and the deputy secretary Sha Aimin met with him at the VIP Hall of the Academic Exchange Center. Major leaders of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Social Science Office and the School of Economic Management accompanied the meeting.

Secretary Sha visited Consul General Lee

Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin welcomed the re-visit of Consul General Lee Kangguo and his party, and reviewed the cooperation and exchanges between Chang’an university and Korean universities and research institutions. Sha Aimin hopes that with the visit of Consul Lee Kangguo and his party and based on the students' exchanges and cooperation already carried out, Chang’an university will continue to deepen the exchanges, continue to expand cooperation areas, and further strengthen the exchange and cooperation with Korean universities and research institutions in relevant scientific research fields.

Consul General Lee Kangguo expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Chang’an university and expressed his strong support for the cooperation vision of Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin. He stated that Chang’an University is a prestigious university in the field of industry. The Korean Consulate in Xi’an always cherishes the cooperation and exchanges with Chang’an University and will fully promote the cooperation between universities and research institutes in South Korea and Chang’an University.

After the meeting, Consul General Lee Kangguo went to the Institute of Economics and Management to participate in the "Chang'an University (Chang’an) - Jeju University (Korea) Academic Seminar."

The meeting

Group Photo

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