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General Consul Li Kangguo of South Korea Consulate General in Xi’an visited Chang’An university
2018-03-29 08:59  

On March 23th 2018, General Consul Li Kangguo of Korean Consulate General in Xi’an, visited Chang’an University. Vice President Wang Jianwei welcomed the guest at the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by heads of the International Office and school of Economics and Management.

Vice President Wang Jianwei extended his warm welcome to the arrival of General Consul Li Kangguo and briefly reviewed the cooperation and the communication with the higher education institutions in South Korea. Vice President Wang Jianwei indicated that ever since the collaboration has been established between Chang’an University and Chonbuk National University, the well communication between the staffs in some relevant scientific fields has been maintained. In 2016, in order to follow the “Belt and Road initiative”, the institute of China-South Korea logistics has been jointly built by Chang’an University, the Xi’an Academy of Social Sciences, South Korea's Chung-Ang University and the department of Aquatic Product of South Korea, which is beneficial to the cooperation of Chang’an University and the scientific reasearch institutions in South Korea. Vice President Wang hoped that the potential of high quality interaction between Chang’an University and the higher education institutions in South Korea could be well developed. In addition, the support to the students who has ability to make innovation in some specific field that has been encouraged to provide by the famous South Korea enterprises which developed in Shaanxi Province.

General Consul Li Kangguo expressed his appreciation for the reception and evoked his resonance about the cooperation plan in the future. He briefly introduced some parts of higher education institutions in South Korea and the enterprise which developed in Xi’an. General Consul Li Kangguo presented that Chang’an University has been achieving national recognition and a strong reputation as a technological research university. Therefore, he would with all his strength to promote the collaboration between Chang’an University and the scientific organization in South Korea.

After the meeting, General Consul Li Kangguo visited the school of Economics and Management and deeply discussed about related work field with the staffs and reached broad consensus.


General Consul Li Kangguo talking with Prof. Wang Jianwei

The Meeting

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