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Professor Bao Xin visited Chang’an University and Appointed as Chair Professor
2017-12-18 16:37  

On December 16, 2017, Professor Bao Xin, former vice-president of Kyoto University and Dean of College of Comprehensive Survival, was invited to visit Chang’an University and was appointed as chair professor. Vice Party secretary Professor Sha Aimin had a meeting with him in the Academic Exchange Center,accompanied by heads ofPresident’s Office, Science and Technology Office, International Office and School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Professor Sha Aimin extended a warm welcome to Professor Bao Xin's visit and briefly introduced the college from the perspectives of school size, characteristic of subjects, and cultivation of talents. He pointed out that Chang’an University thinks highly of international cooperation and communication. With this opportunity that Prof. Bao Xin is visiting and is hired as chair professor at Chang'an University, he hopes that both sides can further expand the cooperation between Kyoto University and Chang'an University in the fields of establishing research laboratories, publishing high-level academic papers, student joint-training and staff exchange.

Professor Bao Xin expressed his sincere gratitude to Chang’an University for warm reception and appreciated Chang’an University for outstanding achievements in talent training, discipline construction, as well as cooperation and exchange. He said he is honored to be hired as chair professor at Chang'an University. He will spare no efforts to make contributions to the development of relevant disciplines in Chang'an University.

After the meeting, Professor Sha Aimin,on behalf of Chang’an University, awarded Prof. Bao Xin chair professor's appointment letter.

Professor Bao Xin, the authoritative expert on hydrological statistics in Japan, former deputy director of Kyoto University and director of the Institute for Disaster Prevention at Kyoto University, is the dean of GSAIS at Kyoto University, Professor of Institute of Disaster Prevention (DPRI), member of Kyoto University Management Association, chairman of Japan Natural Disaster Science Society (JSNDR), chair professor of UNU, finance director of International Landslide Alliance and member of Japan Science Council, president of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources, Associate Editor of Journal of Flood Risk Management, director of Asia Pacific Hydrographic and Water Resources Association. Professor Bao Xin has published more than 20 books and about 470 academic papers and technology reports.

Professor Sha Aimin talking with Professor Bao Xin

Awarding the Appointment Letter

The Meeting

Group Photo

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