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Li Liangjian, Vice President of I-Shou University, visited Chang'an university
2017-06-08 09:33  

On June 6th 2017, Li Liangjian, Vice President of I-Shou University, visited our university. Vice President Zhao Junhai welcomed the guests at the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by heads of the International Office.


Vice President Zhao extended his warm welcome to the arrival of Li Liangjian and briefly introduced the college from the perspective of school size, characteristic of subjects, and cultivation of talents. Also, he introduced international exchanges in detail. Zhao then reviewed the cooperation between I-Shou University and our university. He pointed out that the two parties had cooperated in staff and student exchanges, scientific cooperation and so on since the cooperation agreement was signed. He hoped that through this visit, both parties can further the cooperation in every field based on previous cooperation.


Vice President Li Liangjian expressed his appreciation for the reception and briefly introduced recent development of I-Shou University. He remembered that Vice President visited I-Shou University to promote the cooperation between two parties in 2014. Then he highly endorsed Vice President Zhao's idea about furthering the cooperation. He also hoped that the two universities could further cooperation in various fields, create new cooperation mode and promote closer collaborations.

Vice President Zhao Talking with Prof. Li

The Meeting

Group Photo

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